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We develop and apply novel biophysical tools to explore the underlying physics behind biological systems, from single molecules, membrane proteins to living cells.​ Specifically, we focus on how cells sense and transmit mechanical cues to chemical signals during their life cycle. Our interdisciplinary group integrates members coming from chemistry, biology, biomedical engineering, and physics backgrounds.


Lab updates

March 2021 

Our "Reversible Shearing DNA Tension Probe" work has been accepted by Nature Cell Biology-Congrats!

Sep 2019 

Welcome two new graduate students this year,  Piyu Wu and Zhaohui Xiong !

July, 2019

Welcome, Dr. Wei Cheng joined us as a postdoc !

July, 2018 

Welcome Pengxiang Liu as a first year graduate student in the lab!

18 June, 2018 

Group dinner to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival!


We have a brand new TIRF microscope!  Very exciting!


Woh, we have lots of fancy instruments now. More will arrive soon.


Welcome to Wuhan University! The Liu lab is almost operational after Liang Wang, Wenxu, and Hongyun worked hard setting it up over the summer. 

Jan 2022 


September, 2023 

Our "Hydrogel-based mTFM" work has been accepted by Nature Methods-Congrats!

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